The Infant Program is an “on-demand society” based upon the care-giving relationship and routines between the little ones and their teachers. The primary goal in this program is for the Infants and toddlers to discover their individuality and what they are each capable of every day. In the Infant program our teachers write individual learning plans for each infant, partnering with the director and parents to establish monthly goals for each infant. Ensuring that each infant has the fundamental foundation needed to transition to the world of Junior Toddlers.

Toddler Program The Junior Toddlers or “JT” as it’s affectionately known, are given the opportunity throughout the day to explore their environment with their loving teachers. They will begin to develop vocabulary, motor skills and self-confidence. The toddlers will begin to plan and execute simple projects based on the teacher’s lesson plan. The teachers will plan experiences that are appropriately challenging and safe as ones and twos learn about themselves, their friends and their surroundings.

The Preschool Program Children should have fun! After all, even the experts agree that preschool-age children learn most through play. These carefree years are so short, and soon the children will be exposed to a much more structured form of learning. How then do we, at North Wales Academy, encourage a child's love of learning? By using the “Project Approach”. Our creative teachers combine the monthly Project, stimulating equipment and engaging environment to write exciting and fun lesson plans for the children. The plans are designed to explore several branches of learning.

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Scientific Exploration
  • Social Studies
  • The Art
  • Physical Development and Health

During the month, many activities take place which help build a strong and balanced foundation of emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills; as many of these activities as possible center around the month's Project and topic. While many of the curriculum materials in the classroom may seem more like toys to the children, when they are playing with them, they are learning important information.


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